Infintybloc + Worbli

Infinitybloc is providing block production and development services to the Worbli blockchain network


We are proud to be partnering with the WORBLI financial network as a founding partner and block producer. WORBLI is an EOSIO based blockchain utilizing the same technology as EOS but with a focus on financial compliance. Users on WORBLI will be vetted and identified in accordance with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer(KYC) regulations.

Why must users go through AML/KYC over and over?

Currently, every time an individual, company or institutional investor wants to make an investment in blockchain whether through an ICO, IPO, seed round or via an exchange they need to submit identification information creating a time and cost burden for both sides. At infinitybloc we believe this has been a critical element preventing real uptake of cryptocurrency from the broad public. Duplication of efforts is a huge inhibitor to innovation and development on the blockchain. We are excited to say Worbli addresses this through its one and done KYC/AML compliance. We believe this could provide unparalleled opportunities to increase the velocity and scale of users exchanging fiat for blockchain based assets. On the business side, this presents a huge opportunity for companies to raise money from what will be a rapidly growing pre-vetted and compliant WORBLI userbase.

WORBLI will provide a huge accelerant to the EOSIO and the blockchain space. The implications of WORBLI we hope will be a stimulant for raising, earning and transferring capital/value without upsetting regulators and frustrating users and investors.

Powerful Identification

We believe that WORBLI accounts could potentially one day be the most powerful account anyone in the world can hold(blockchain or otherwise). We are interested in seeing them utilized across the internet and across blockchains and potentially replace or supplement other identification documents like passports and drivers licenses. Of course, this is a long way away but we believe this is a possibility we can help make happen.

More about WORBLI

WORBLI is a Financial Services Network (FSN) where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of services. WORBLI leverages EOSIO software and is capable of hosting a variety of decentralised applications (dApps). The protocol focuses on widespread user adoption and providing a secure, reliable and compliant ecosystem for financial innovation.

Learn more about Worbli here