Creating the decentralized world economy. 


Creating the fair gig economy with Telos

Serving the Telos community as a infrastructure provider and service provider.


Reinventing the banking system with Worbli

Infinitybloc is helping to move the heavily regulated finance industry onto EOSIO.


Block Production / Infrastructure

We are building scalable infrastructure for the Telos blockchain. The Telos blockchain is an EOSIO blockchain free from cartels and monopolies. Find out more about our rapidly evolving block producer infrastructure!

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Meetups / Education

Leading efforts to increase blockchain uptake. We want to help users, developers, entrepreneurs, product experts and designers utilise the blockchain to change  the world.

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Contact infinitybloc for technology selection, product development services and business development services.

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Incubation bloc

Incubation, partnerships and development of decentalized applications and tools for the Telos blockchain.

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