Our Vision

Changing the world with fairness coded in


Infinitybloc was founded to help create the future decentralized gig economy.

An economy that gives people  the ultimate freedom in life to contribute to work they truly believe in and receive fair and transparent compensation. We want to free people from recruitment inefficiency, rent seeking behavior and inflexibility.

We have already started to experience the power of  blockchain technology in enabling open value contribution and fair transparent rewards. We have seen economic communities popup overnight via blockchain and witnessed its ability to maximise efforts to a common goal.

Blockchain technology utilises decentralization, transparency, immutability and coded rewards to allow communities to contribute as one and yet retain value individually. We have seen this through early successes such as Steemit and dtube where content providers are able to immediately gain access to their value creation in a content economy.


We envision all different economic communities on the blockchain - many that can not exist with traditional corporate structures today.

Before we begin creating these communities our first course of action is to help deliver the blockchain platforms we need to build from.  We focus on EOSIO based platforms including EOS, Telos and Worbli blockchains which we are serving as block producers.

We use blockchain technology to support and develop gig economies that are fairer and more flexible to all.