Hello Telos

We have committed to act as trusted block producer on the EOSIO based Telos blockchain.

We serve the Telos blockchain as an independent and trusted block producer. The Telos blockchain aligns closely with our values of being a fair and open public blockchain. The diverse community of Telos has the ultimate control of who governs the network. Telos has all the properties we require to promote, contribute and build the fair gig economy!

If you like our vision for telos:
VOTE ‘infinitybloc’ as one of your 30 choices or PROXY ‘infinityprox’


The Telos Advantage


For Development

The Telos blockchain has all the speed and efficiency of being an EOSIO based blockchain but with modifications that make it vastly  cheaper for developers to build on.


For Fairness

We are big supporters of EOS but it has considerable issues with voting distribution. A very small portion of the community own 90% of the networks throughput and voting. Consequently the block producers chosen to govern are often not the best.

The Telos advantage

As a governed blockchain it's important that the vote is distributed across society and nations.  Telos utilises inversely weighted voting alongside a fair distribution helping to ensure the best block producers are elected.


For decentralized gig economy

We believe Telos has all the properties we require to promote, contribute and build the fair gig economy.

We are excited to help govern the Telos blockchain as a block producer and working with the community to build a brighter future!

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Voter Distribution: Telos has the best distribution amongst all the major smart contract  enabled blockchain platforms. Source: Telos Foundation