Dedicated Experts

with a proven record of success.


Infrastructure Team

Justin - CEO

Experienced Product Manager who has been in blockchain space since 2013. Justin was part of the EOS main net launch and an avid supporter of EOSIO technology. Justin is excited to finally be able to execute on a number of product ideas now that EOSIO tech is providing the throughput, speed and capability necessary to make them a reality.


Jerry - Head of Infrastructure

Jerry Huff has over 45 years in the computer industry, 25 years as a tech repairing them and the last 20+ years in systems administration from small clusters to multi data center clusters with over a thousand servers. He has been in the EOSIO environment since early DAWN series and has had producers in JungleNet (where he is an admin) and the EOS mainnet. We utilise Jerry’s unmatched expertise to design and implement our block producers and provide his world class expertise.



Infinitybloc is 100% owned by the CEO Justin. ANY OUTSIDE INVESTMENT (IF EVER TAKEN) WILL BE DISCLOSED.