Announcing our candidacy as a Guild on WAX

We are excited to announce our intention to join the WAX network as a guild.

About infinitybloc:

  • We are based in San Francisco, California

  • You can follow us on twitter

  • Our guild name will be ‘infinitybloc’

  • We are already well respected and trusted leaders in the EOSIO community. We serve multiple highly respected networks as active block producers, including Telos, Worbli, and Ore.

  • Our guild servers will be in Oklahoma although we have infrastructure located all around the world and will monitor the network and switch locations to ensure geographic decentralization

  • We use Bare Metal infrastructure and utilize multiple service providers. By 2020 we will be utilizing infrastructure owned 100% by infinitybloc.

  • Our Team:

  • We have been involved in EOSIO block production since pre EOS main-net launch, Jerry has been managing infrastructure for clients in Silicon Valley for decades now. He lead the infrastructure launch for Telos and advised many teams for the EOS mainnet launch amonst many other networks.

  • We will be using bare metal infrastructure with 128gb of RAM to begin but we will be constantly upgrading as the needs of the community evolve. Our infrastructure evolves at such a rapid pace we choose not to list specs but you may ask us at any time. We prefer to let our uptime and performance speak for itself.

  • We will monitor the network resource utilization with our fellow guilds and be ready to upgrade well in advance of bottlenecks.

  • We will help to educate our community of over 1000 in Northern California about WAX and its benefits. We also will involve WAX in the EOS World Expo when we take the event to China later this year. We also have regular give aways and promotions we will involve the WAX community.

  • We can be found on telegram at our channel : - Team Channel - Justin - Jerry

    • Our thoughts on…

      • Governance
        Always represent the interests of the community above our own.. We believe in fiduciary duty.. We vow to always do whats right by the network.

      • Transparency and accountability
        We will always be open and honest with the community on every aspect of what we will do. We will always be accessible to the community to answer questions.

      • Security

        Regular audits and proper key management are paramount to our operation and retaining trust in the community.

      • Infrastructure

        We lead the pack in terms of uptime, low missed block count and super fast CPU execution times.

    Check out our website, we have lots going on and would love to keep you all up to date via our various social channels.